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Welcome to your journey to a healthy life.

Welcome to Journey2ahealthylife where I talk about natural ways of healing your body and mind. These ways are the result of my personal health experiences.

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Al Khawaneej – The walk

Dubai never stops to surprise us. When we feel we have enough of its wonders, they open something new which is even better than the past ones. When we felt we are saturated with Last exits and open space cafes, there is another marvel opened up with a beautiful lake, cafes, play area, cinema, supermarketContinue reading “Al Khawaneej – The walk”

Ghost village in UAE

Yes this place does exist in UAE. We visited this place some days back and quite honestly I did not find anything scary ( thankfully) or much eerie there, only a never ending stillness is there which is kind of welcoming when you come from a city full of hustle and bustle. You might beContinue reading “Ghost village in UAE”

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