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Welcome to your journey to a healthy life.

Welcome to Journey2ahealthylife where I talk about natural ways of healing your body and mind. These ways are the result of my personal health experiences.

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Scrubs for skin

Scrubs for skin So what are body scrubs and why are they so important. Our skin is the organ that comes in contact with the outside world- be it for hand shake or hugging someone or just going out. Skin has many many ( can’t remember how many) cells and three layers ( some peopleContinue reading “Scrubs for skin”

Stunning Sunshine

Ok we have read about sun being a ball of fire, it gives us light and heat and using sunlight plants make their food. This is junior level school knowledge and we all must have made projects in school about Sun being the center of solar system. So what else is new to learn aboutContinue reading “Stunning Sunshine”

Home cooked Meals

Starting today’s write up with a simple question, does home made meals have to be very elaborate and time consuming? Do we always need our meal with one side dish and one sauce ? Can we enjoy a simple freshly cooked salad or meal with family without wishing it to be 3 course meal ?Continue reading “Home cooked Meals”

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