Stunning Sunshine

Ok we have read about sun being a ball of fire, it gives us light and heat and using sunlight plants make their food. This is junior level school knowledge and we all must have made projects in school about Sun being the center of solar system.

So what else is new to learn about sunlight.

They say that sunlight takes 8.3 minutes to each earth from the surface of the sun. Sunlight is a source of energy and hence life in our planet earth. As we all know that it plays the vital role in process called photosynthesis to make food essential for life.

Ofcourse sunlight is essential for our life. Let’s analyze this in big more depth.

Sunlight consists of three different rays : Infrared, visible and ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet radiation in the sun has both positive and negative health effects.

Sunlight helps in the generation of Vitamin D naturally in the body . And also helps to maintaining an optimum level of them. Vitamin D helps in strengthening the bones and strong immunity. However over exposure to sun carries the risk of sun burn, rashes , skin cancer , skin aging and eye vision problems.

What is the optimal exposure and over exposure ?

It really depends on your county and location. In a hot place like Middle East, sun rays are really very strong. Summer can be bad and it’s best to avoid direct sunlight. So some exposure in morning or late evening must be enough. But in cooler months, the sun rays are best at noon time. A regular exposure of 15-20 minutes must be enough to give your body adequate amount of Vitamin D . When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol.

Vitamin D as we all know has many roles in the body and is really essential for overall good health . It instructs the cells in your gut to absorb calcium and phosphorus — two minerals that are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

There is another major discussion about skin color and how it effects the Vitamin D levels. People with dark skin color need to spend longer in the sun than lighter-skinned people to produce the same amount of vitamin D. For same amount of Vitamin D the time spent in sun can be excess by 30 Minutes to 45 minutes. This is a major reason why darker-skinned people have a higher risk of deficiency.

Sunlight can be a cute of my problems. First and foremost it makes our body strong by producing Vitamin D. Some people with acne and/or blemish-prone skin report that their skin condition improves when they enjoy a little bit of sun. Worth a try I would say. Some data shows that people who have more exposure to sunlight have less high blood pressure and cardiovascular-related mortality.

Sunlight is a basis of our life and it’s for us to hot to use it to our benefit to get maximum advantage. What a stroll in sunshine can do to your mood, even the most expensive medicines and supplements can’t provide you that many health benefits. Open your mind and body and enjoy the benefits of this beautiful natural gift. Till we meet again, take good care of yourself.

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A healthy food enthusiast who considers life a gift of God and believes in taking good care of it

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