Scrubs for skin

Scrubs for skin

So what are body scrubs and why are they so important.

Our skin is the organ that comes in contact with the outside world- be it for hand shake or hugging someone or just going out. Skin has many many ( can’t remember how many) cells and three layers ( some people I know have more than three 😂). It is the largest organ of our body too. Skin protects our internal organs from external factors like bacteria, temperature and chemicals.

So now the question arises, do our regular soaps, body washes and shampoos are enough to clean our skin. Skin has pores everywhere and they serve a special purpose: to allow sweat and oil to escape through your skin, cooling you off and keeping your skin healthy while getting rid of toxins. Pores are supposed to clean itself and normally a water wash or water and soap wash should be enough. You know we humans have 5 million pores on our body( Really, never really noticed) . Imagine cleaning these many pores using only water. So basically if we don’t clean the pores regularly, they become dirty and clogged. To clean our skin , we need to go a step forward : once or twice a week we need to use scrubs on our body too.

So now the practical part starts where we talk about the ways we can make scrubs. I make 3 scrubs very regularly and totally love them. Store bought scrubs are good too but I get bored using the same. So once a week I make one fresh scrub and if need be, use the store bought one for second application in a week. Of course in benefits I can say, skin is softer, pores gets unclogged and skin gets the benefit of all the organic ingredients. And yes you smell heavenly after the application.

Enough talk, let’s talk about our scrub recipes:

1. Coffee scrub- so yes this is my fav all the way. The smell is always uplifting and it leaves your skin super smooth. So just take some grind coffee( brands or quality don’t matter much so I buy cheap) and add about a spoon of sugar and some oil ( I add coconut, olive or even mustard sometimes, of course nothing can match eucalyptus oil) .. the consistency is just like bread crumbs. Now if you want to rub properly add just bit of water or if you want smoother skin, add two spoons of water and mix. It really comes to your choice of consistency and application. This scrub once a week is a trip to heaven you believe me.

2. Rose petals scrub : ok I know it’s not easy to find roses in Dubai and buying them can be expensive. It is mostly my remedy when I get lots of bouquets on special occasions. So the best is to leave the petals dry in the sun for 3-4 days. Then just powder them which is very easy. A great scrub is ready. For a matter the powder is good for 3-4 months application as u can add milk, oil or sugar in it. Basically the fun is using different ingredients and trying something new every time. I am thinking of using orange peel once too , dry,grind and paste.. will tell you how it goes but rose one was definitely a hit. You can feel your skin thanking you after a Rose bath.

3. And now the most tried and tested, chickpea flour, turmeric and yoghurt. The best to make your skin feel alive again. Add honey if you need more pampering( I do it once a month), this is the age old recipe of our grandmothers when there was no trendy face washes and body baths were there. And I know, my granny had much better skin even in her sixties . So I always remember her when I make this scrub and wish for the same skin like her.

Nothing is everlasting in life and we all know as we age, our pores becomes big, skin looses its elasticity and starts sagging ( like really) . What we can do is just delay it by using some tried and tested formulas. And while doing so feel pampered, happy and but spoilt too. Use these scrubs with a smile on your face and you will feel a huge change in your skin and yes Life too 🙂

Rose scrub

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